4 Year-old Preschool

St. Bernadette Preschool's goals are to enhance the intellectual and social development of children, to build a positive self-image based on an awareness of self-worth, and to nurture the spiritual life and religious development of children.

Based on these objectives, the program will provide a full range of activities from those which systematically reach defined objectives to those whose purpose is simply creative expression and free interaction with the environment. Child-initiated learning will augment teacher-directed activities.

The following is a guide for parents so that their child's first formal learning experiences will be enriching and pleasant.


Preschoolers meet in Room 101 Anna’s Room and the annex room next door in St. Bernadette School. Parents or caregivers are to walk the child/ren to the classroom. On days that "separation" is difficult for your child, it is important that the parent say their "good-bye", reassuring the child that you will be back at dismissal.


Children must be 4 years old by September 1. Class size is limited to 30 students. Additional registrations are accepted and children will be admitted to the class when space is available during the year. Admittance will be in the order in which registrations are received.


Parents must provide transportation. The school will not assume responsibility for the transportation or safety of a child. When bringing children to school, park in the upper lot and take your child up to the classroom. At dismissal, drive to the front of the school and line up in the fire lane next to the curb. Do not leave your car unattended.   Please caution children about moving vehicles in the parking area.

Under no circumstances will your child be permitted to leave the school with a driver that you have not designated on the transportation card. Send a note to the teacher if an undesignated person is to pick up your child. In case of an emergency, please call the school office to give the name of the substitute driver.


Parents are invited to share their occupation or a vocation with preschoolers. Social Studies concepts on this level center around community helpers. If you have a hobby or special interest that can provide a valuable learning experience please share it with us.  Parental involvement also includes assistance in classroom activities such as cooking, gym, arts and crafts. We encourage you to offer your services once or twice during the year.

Parent's Committees

Volunteers are needed who will plan and arrange holiday parties. Parents may send a treat for a child's birthday. This should be pre-arranged with the teacher.  Summer birthdays may be celebrated in September and May.  Parents of preschoolers are invited to join the Parent-Teacher Guild of St. Bernadette School.


Notice of a child's withdrawal must be communicated in writing to the principal.  Withdrawal is effective the date official notice is received in the school office or an advance date indicated.


A child does not need to present a written excuse upon return to school after being absent.  Following 2 days of absence parents are to call the office so that the teacher may be informed of the reason for absence. An infectious or communicable disease should be called into the office as soon as it has been diagnosed.


A child will not be marked tardy. If a child arrives after the starting time of 9:00 a.m. please use the office entrance and take your child to the classroom. Parents should minimize the stress and anxiety of lateness. However, please be considerate of both the children and teacher by making every effort to be on time.

Personal Items

All clothing and individually owned items must be clearly marked with the child's name. Each child will need a backpack to carry work and school communications home safely.  When snacks are sent in a paper bag, please mark the child's name on the bag.


There will be a snack during the school day. Children may bring a thermos of milk from home or purchase milk from school for 30 cents per half-pint (white or chocolate). The children will take turns being the "snack person" for the class throughout the year. Appropriate snacks are nutritious items such as cheese and crackers, a piece of fruit, 1/2 of a sandwich, etc. Candy, cake, donuts and ice cream are permissible only for birthdays.

Parent Observation

Parents are invited to observe children while school is in session. Arrangements must be made through the school office at least two days in advance.


Preschool will be held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with the following exceptions:

November 29 – No Class - Thanksgiving Vacation
December 23 through January 3 – No Class - Christmas Vacation
January 20 – No Class - Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
February 17 – No Class - President’s Day April 18 through April 25 – No Class - Easter Vacation
May 23 – Last day for students


Emergency Information

Emergency card must be completed and returned to school as soon as possible.  Please note allergies since they are particuarly relevant to school snacks.  Also note any animal allergies.  Attach an index card if necessary.

Emergency Closings

Announcements on television or radio pertaining to Gateway School closings are always applicable to St. Bernadette Preschool.  When there is an hour delay the session will begin an hour later and end at regular time.  If the delay is for 2 hours the session will begin at 11:00 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. for half-day or 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m for full-day.  If school is cancelled there is no preschool.


Tuition payments are due monthly.  Checks should be made payable to St. Bernadette School and mailed or brought into the school office.  At least half of your child's tuition must be paid by Christmas.

$1300/year for morning session      $2600/year for full-day session

If a child is withdrawn from the class prior to the 15th of any month the tuition for that month will be prorated and the succeeding months paid tuition will be returned in full.  If a child is withdrawn after the 15th of any month there will be a full charge for that month and the succeeding months paid tuition will be returned in full.  There will be no tuition reduction for absence.  If a child is registered and accepted tuition applicable regardless of patterns of attendance.

Every family who has only a child in preschool is assessed a $250 fundraising fee which may be paid by participating in the Script/Gift Certifcate Program.

Parents who choose to send their children for a full day must pack a lunch for your child to eat.

School Communication

Special communications from the office or general teacher communication will always be sent home in writing.  Please be sure to check your child's school bag after each session.

Parent/Teacher Communication

The teacher will request conferences as needed.  A parent may send a note requesting a conference with the teacher at any time.  Parents may also call the office any Monday, Wednesday, or Friday and leave a message with the secretary and the teacher will return your call.  Progress Reports will be issued at mid-year and at the end of the year.